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We have different service levels to suit your needs

JNR Global Logistics specializes in Long Distance/Overseas Moves and Container Shipping. Providing the Finest Moving Services while keeping your budget in mind.

As one of the most experienced Long Distance moving companies in Hawaii, it’s our mission to make your move the best. Your Best Move, is Our Only Mission, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right mover to fit your needs is half the battle. freight forwarder remove /mover and is considered one of the best international moving companies in Hawaii.

How big is your shipment?

We move all freight large and small.

JNR Global Moves provides FCL and LCL services and offers both Packed-By-Owner (PBO) and full service options.

01.Palletized Cargo

This is the least expensive method of shipping. This service level requires you to pack your own items and can be dock to dock or door to door depending on your specific needs. You can drop off your items at one of our warehouses and pick them up at a warehouse closer to your destination, or we can delivery your pallet to your address.


We ship your household goods in wood shipping crates, called Liftvans or Vanpacks. Your crate(s) travel in a shipping container with other customers crates, but your items remain separate at all times.

Your items are picked up from your residence and delivered to you at your destination. We bring everything inside, re-assemble your furniture, and remove and dispose of the packing debris on the same day.


You are moving your whole household and need your own container. We will deliver your container, arrange your ocean freight, trucking, and rail service, and deliver your container to your home on both sides.

For this service, you can pack your container yourself or have us to the packing for you. We can also sell you a container if you want to own one, or we can arrange ground pickup and delivery of a container you already own. We even assist with getting your container certified as seaworthy.

Getting An Estimate

We can provide an estimate for your move in one of three ways.
All types of estimates are completely free of charge


Solutions and specialized

You provide us with a detailed list of items and we will base your estimate on the weight and volume we calculate from this list.


Video Estimates

If you want to show us what you have, but don’t have time for a visit in person, we can schedule a video call with you, during which you can show us what you’ll be shipping, so we can get an idea of your weight and volume and so we can discuss item preparation with you.


In Person Estimates

We are happy to send someone to your home and a time which is convenient for you. Our representative will take a list of the items you want to ship, and discuss with you in detail the best way to prepare for your upcoming move.

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