We offer trucking from every major port and all railheads in the US, and in more than 100 countries. No matter where you’re shipping, we will get your shipment picked up and on it’s way to you.

Trucking Services Overview

Live Load

This method involves the driver waiting during loading or offloading. The shipper is responsible for paying for the driver’s wait time during loading or offloading. If someone will be ready to offload the container upon arrival, this method can save money.

Drop and Pull

“Drop and Pull” refers to when a driver delivers a container and returns on another day to pickup the same container. This is an alternative to Live Load wherein the truck driver would have to wait during loading or unloading. This process is useful if more than a day will be needed to offload your container.

Containers can be kept for up to xxx days from the date they become available. Shipper who store containers for more than xxx days will be charged a daily fee. The number of days for which a container can be kept, depends on the steamship line and their individual rules. This time usually ranges from 2-10 days.

Chassis rental

From some ports we are able to use chassis owned by the associated steam ship line. In area where these are not available, our truckers will use other chassis, for which they will charge a fee. We will provide a certain number of days in your quote, additional days will be charged a certain cost per day, usually $40-$65 per day

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