Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services that Go Above and Beyond

When using air freight services, you want to find the best freight services available to ensure your items are safe when in transit thousands of feet above the ground. That is why it is important to find air shipping services like those provided by JNR Global Logistics.

When your valuables are somewhere in the clouds, it is nice to know they are in good hands.

What is Air Freight?
Air freight transport is a valuable shipping method for quickly transporting cargo to almost anywhere in the world.

Characteristics of Air Freight Transportation

Types of cargo transported

Perishable items such as food and flowers, as well as small quantities of high-value cargo such as semiconductors and medical supplies, tend to be transported by air freight.

Delivery time

Compared to ocean freight, it is possible to transport to various places more quickly.


The cost is usually higher than ocean freight.

Transport of dangerous goods

Regulations for air transport are also strict and certain items cannot be transported this way. For details, please contact JNR Global Logistics.

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